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Terms and Conditions


Daniela Hummelgren,

Danish Language Tutor

CVR. 37433659


Lessons take place online. The teacher provides the correct link.

Lessons are 45 minutes in length.



• Books, printed materials, online application fees


Weekly Danish Intensive Lessons 



Weekly 1:1 lessons 

The student purchases a package of lessons for each consecutive week's agreed day and time.


4 x online materials/homework for self-study ca 15-20 min. provided in personal Google




Lessons are canceled via email:

If a teacher has to cancel a lesson, the teacher will inform the student as soon as possible. The

student will not be charged. Lessons shall be rescheduled or refunded.


If a student cancels a lesson, the teacher must be informed at least 48 hours prior. The lesson will be rescheduled. 


It is understood that special cases may require a student to cancel a lesson on short notice. Two occurrences are allowed within three months without penalty. If a student cancels a lesson on short notice (less than 48 hours) more than twice in three months, the regular lesson fee will apply (i.e., deducted from the prepaid package).


Lesson times must be respected. If a student arrives late, the lesson will conclude at the usual time.


The teacher will wait 15 minutes for the student before canceling the lesson. If the teacher

arrives late, the student will be compensated for the time missed. Lessons canceled after the

starting time may not be rescheduled or refunded. The lesson shall be deducted from the



The teacher agrees to practice discretion regarding all information discussed during lessons,

especially any private or business matters.

The student will pay in advance for their lessons via invoice. Lessons are offered for a natural

person, and therefore with 0 VAT. If an invoice for a company is required, 25% VAT will be

added to the fee according to Danish tax law.


Danish Fluency Practice & Conversation - Monthly Program



Two 45-minute 1:1 online lessons with me, must be booked within those 4 weeks of the program.

Cancellation terms the same as for the Weekly Intensive Lessons, please read above.

Three weeks of e-lessons where you record yourself and get feedback from me. Self study work for ca. 60 min a week.

One week - rest, catch up, integrate.


Danish Fluency Practice - Monthly Program


Three weeks of e-lessons, study materials and prompts for your self study, ca. 60 min a week.

One week - rest, catch up, integrate


We meet once a month for Office Hours to answer any questions you may have. Office hours will be scheduled in advance, workdays in the afternoon.

Contact me with any questions at

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