Every mother deserves to be cared for

The Soft Landing in Motherhood Package

There are 2 things that new moms lack:

  • preparation and knowledge about those first weeks

  • support to be there for them


This package will help you get both and navigate motherhood without overwhelm, doubt and stress.

Let me guide you through the whole transformation 


Let us create your own

Postpartum Plan

I will answer all your questions ( Danish healthcare system? What to buy? Will we get any sleep?) and guide you through my checklist.

2 hours Zoom call or meeting in Copenhagen

A postpartum plan that gets emailed to you within a week of our chat.


Learn what you need to know in advance to be able to use it.

I propose a great visual online course Natural Breastfeeding that gives you step by step plan for breastfeeding newborns and answers many common questions with over 60 short videos so that you can act intuitively when your baby arrives.

Value: 590 kr.


I will help you understand how birth and breastfeeding are connected and what you want to do just after birth.


Let´s execute the Post-birth Plan together.

You will be falling in love with your baby, learning to breastfeed, rest and heal. 

I will help you deal with breastfeeding, the physical, emotional, and social changes of parenthood, leaving you confident and thriving as a mother.

No strings attached. 

We need to find out if we are a match!

I am working on great freebies

and free workshops, don´t miss it!

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