Where can you buy a breast pump in Copenhagen?

Buying a pump is the least of a problem.

The real question is why do you want to do that?

"I thought I had to have a pump...?"

I have American clients who think that if you want to breastfeed you need to have a pump. Everyone does in the U.S. And when you are pregnant and cannot really imagine how breastfeeding works, then you just assume that you need a pump.

So if you want to buy a breast pump just because you think it belongs to motherhood, then stop. If you have the Danish maternity leave, you will not need a pump. Spend half of the money on a breastfeeding class (check mine here) and you might be able to avoid pumping.

Why do I say avoid pumping? Isn't it a great help?

Doesn´t it mean that someone else can take care of the child? The partner can feed during the night and you can sleep?

No, actually it is not. There are SO MANY other ways the partner can help. And they are much easier than pumping.

The partner can pick the baby when they wake up early in the morning and let you sleep in. That can be a lifesaver.

The partner can put the baby in a sling and go for a walk. Babies love it and yes, they can be longer without breastfeeding when they are with your partner. Because they cannot smell the milk, so they are ok with it.

The partner can also get up at night, bring you the baby if you don't co-sleep, change the baby, and carry them to the cot when you are done nursing.

Things to consider before you start pumping

If you start giving bottle exclusively during the night, it can have an influence on your milk supply, because the night breastfeeding is when the most of prolactin hormone is released and milk production is stimulated. At the same time, the night-milk that baby drinks directly from breasts contains melatonin, which helps babies slowly learn when it is day and night.

Then there is a nipple confusion, that is a thing. Drinking from a bottle is different to breastfeeding. Some babies start to prefer the bottle or get confused in how to latch on the nipple and bite you when they breastfeed. Ouch.

Cleaning the breast pump, cleaning the bottles, cleaning the nipples, warming up the milk, marking the milk that is going to be frozen... A lot of work. Make sure YOUR PARTNER DOES ALL OF THAT too, because if not, then they are not helping you. And count the time you spend sitting and pumping. Because it takes a lot of time.

Than there is another thing. As well as breastfeeding is not plug and play, neither is pumping. I was fully breastfeeding my 4 months old when I tried pumping. I produced close to nothing. No milk. I was so happy that I knew that I didn't have a problem with breastfeeding. Because if I was worried about my supply, I would have totally freaked out.

Pumping has a learning curve. You can find a lot of information on the U.S. websites. I fully understand. If your baby is just a few weeks old and you have to get back to work, you have to make it work with pumping. I have a huge respect for all of you moms who fight for breastfeeding in those hash conditions. Huge.

You can leave the house alone even without pumping

In Denmark the maternity leave is long enough to avoid that stress. So our breastfeeding journey can be fully pump-free. A five months old baby can usually be away from their mum for couple of hours. So you will be able to go and meet a friend or go running. It is doable. But if you are going to spend longer time without your baby, then you can rent a breast pump in most of the pharmacies. Try googling “udlejning af brystpumpe apotek”. Or you can buy one, try googling “brystpumpe køb”.

Pumping is rarely a solution to a breastfeeding problem - try breastfeeding counselor instead!

If you want a breast pump as a solution to a breastfeeding problem, consider contacting a breastfeeding counselor first. I might be able to help you solve the problem without investing a lot of money in a thing that might just bring more problems.

Have you tried pumping? Has it been it working for you? Do you have a great tip that made all the difference for you?

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