How I judged my friend having no idea what breastfeeding really looks like

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Here is your chance not to repeat my mistakes. Although that is too much to expect. Well, you can just have a good laugh.

When I visited my friend who was one of the first in my group of friends to have children I really didn´t understand why she would lay down to breastfeed her little baby. We were in her living room and she just lay down on a sofa, she put her baby next to her and offered her daughter the breast. Everything was fine - except: I was judging her.

I was thinking

“Why wouldn´t she sit and hold the baby in her arms when she breastfeeds? That is the way to do that! I know it, I have seen it on TV. Does she want to look interesting? Well she has always been quite alternative. Does she just want to be special or what is going on?”

I haven´t asked her about it that day and left shaking my head. Little did I know how breastfeeding really looks like in reality. I had no idea, that the image of breastfeeding I had was approximately as true as the the image of sex or female orgasm you get from romantic comedies!

What is the point? Firstly - don´t judge the mother. She knows what she is doing. Period. Like always!

And then - breastfeeding is wonderful, natural, fantastic thing. But several generations before used formula a lot and most of the people nowadays don´t know how breastfeeding really looks like. They think they do. But they know bottle feeding with a breast instead of a bottle. And surprise surprise it often doesn´t work.

Which gets me to the rule nr. 1

Don´t judge the mother. If she breastfeeds then she managed to navigate in this extremely difficult field. So just applaud her!

I will be more than happy to help you get prepaired for breastfeeding and those first weeks of motherhood. Please feel free to contact me or check my Services.

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