Breastfeeding becomes the most important thing once the baby is born

Natural Breastfeeding

Online Course + Consultation

Learn about the reality of breastfeeding a newborn in a visual way.


Watching women breastfeeding newborns helps you remember it differently then if you just got it explained and act intuitively when it is your turn.


Understand  the specifics in breastfeeding a newborn compared to older babies that you may be familiar with.

Get answered questions you didn't know you had. Or get back to them once the baby is earthside, you have access forever.

Online Breastfeeding Course + Consultati
This One Simple Breastfeeding Technique Can
  • Give You Confidence and Knowledge About Breastfeeding
  • Prevent Pain
  • Bump Up Your Milk Production
  • Ensure Easier Latching For You And Your Baby

Over 60 short videos (0,5 - 6 min)  that help you learn by watching, no need to remember facts or difficult strategies and 3 modules/chapters of text prepare you for those fist weeks.


Natural Breastfeeding is an approach based on the physiological needs of a newborn. And they are surprising!

Natural Breastfeeding Course is created by Dr. Theresa Nesbitt, MD and Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA, both true experts in breastfeeding.

 + Online consultation with me, babywearing  and breastfeeding counselor and postpartum doula to fully personalize your preparations!

Possible topics for the online consultation?

Previous breastfeeding journey

You might want to discuss your previous breastfeeding journey, why it went the way it did and how to make it better this time. I am here to hold space for your feelings about it and acknowledge the struggle. You might want to discuss the topic of your family history of breastfeeding and its effect on your situation.

Breastfeeding in Denmark

It might be very helpful to go through what it looks like right after birth in a Danish hospital, how you will be expected to initiate breastfeeding and what support is there to get from the system.

Get to know me and a work of a breastfeeding counselor

You might want to ask about the work of a breastfeeding counselor like me and how can I help you if something goes wrong. And you can check me out if I am the kind of person you would like to invite to your home to help you.

Questions to the course content

We can talk about the new mind blowing things you have learned in the course or things you didn't fully understand. You might want to share anger about the society and its lack of support for breastfeeding women, you might want to talk through the preparations you made for your breastfeeding and get even more tips from postpartum doula.

The consultation will help you personalize the information you get in the online course to ensure that breastfeeding will not be a crisis for you.

What does it look like inside the course?
And what do people say about it?
"The course is very instructive and super easy to follow with no pressure about what you should or should not do, just gentle tips and lots of visual instructions. After completing the course, I have a deep faith in my ability to breastfeed my baby and I know where to look should hurdles appear on the way (I've learnt that it is OK for them to appear!). One item less on the list of things to worry about is a great confidence booster during pregnancy."
 - Dagmar Novotna
Videos cover a wide range of topics
After completing the program, you will know:
  • Breastfeeding doesn’t have to be painful and it shouldn’t be!

  • The 40 day blueprint to maximize milk production and help you meet your long term goals including returning to work.

  • How to relax while breastfeeding so you don’t have to choose between getting your rest and feeding your baby.

  • How to prepare your home environment for safety and convenience.

  • When you need to get help and where to find it.

  • The most common reasons breastfeeding derails

Consult you preparations with me.​

I am a Czech babywearing and breastfeeding counselor and a postpartum doula married to a Dane and living with our 2 kids in Copenhagen.

I believe that there is a lot that can be done to make motherhood start smoothly and that the struggle women go through nowadays is unnecessary.

Natural Breastfeeding

Online Course + Consultation

Price with Private Consultation:
960 kr. ink. moms (VAT)
Price with Group Q&A:
590 kr. ink. moms (VAT)
Online Breastfeeding Course + Consultati

7 days satisfaction guarantee

If you don't like the course, email me and you get your money back,

no questions asked

Q&A´s  take place online every month

With the Online Natural Breastfeeding Course
and Consultation you get:
  • Confidence and powerful information about what to the with the squishy baby once it comes

  • Possibility to come back to the videos to get answer once the questions arises

  • Great prospect to easy start for your breastfeeding

  • Chance to talk through your personal situation with local breastfeeding counselor - me!

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Module 1

What is Natural Breastfeeding

Discover why the special needs and abilities of newborns make Natural Breastfeeding a far easier and more effective way to avoid the common early problems of nipple pain, insufficient milk supply and difficulty latching.

Mor baby bonding

Module 4

Look and learn

Over 60 short videos in which mothers and babies demonstrate key moves and address common questions and concerns.

Mor Amning Baby

Module 2

Getting your mind ready

Learn to separate the fact from fiction and get rid of the myths that make breastfeeding unnecessary complicated, confusing and painful.

Mor og baby

Module 5

Some common questions

Discover a far better way than midnight google searches to find out about the most common breastfeeding questions. Get simple straightforward solutions.

Mor i kærlighed

Module 3

Preparing people and places

This module will give you the confidence to avoid feeling overwhelmed when the big day arrives.

Mor Holding Baby Finger

Module 6

Help, links and download

Learn when to get help and use the “whats-wrong-with-this-picture” section to really understand the subtle Nuances of Natural Breastfeeding. Get recommendation of websites and books and downloadable files.

Natural Breastfeeding

Online Course + Consultation

Price with Private Consultation:
960 kr. ink. moms (VAT)
Price with Group Q&A:
590 kr. ink. moms (VAT)

7 days satisfaction guarantee

If you don't like the course, email me and you get your money back,

no questions asked

Q&A´s  take place online every month

Online Breastfeeding Course + Consultati