In your home in Copenhagen or online

Breastfeeding Consultation

I can help you with:

Establishing Milk Supply

Low Milk Supply

Weaning from formula supplements

Nursing Strike

Breastfeeding Technique

Latching and Positioning

Breastfeeding and Sleep

Hunger Clues

Fussy baby when breastfeeding

The inevitable question: Is this normal?

 Nipple and Breast Pain

Clogged Milk Ducts



Mastitis - Breast inflamation

Flat or Inverted Nipples

Getting rid of Nipple Shields

Breastfeeding after Cesarian Birth

and much more.

Contact me if you are in doubt if I can help you:


"I had low milk supply, I was pumping, my baby was fussy. I felt hopeless. I felt so guilty and upset for not having enough milk for my baby. Very defeated and not knowledgeable enough to know any better. Exhausted all around.
Daniela was straight forward and so confident about my situation that it rubbed off on me and in turn made me feel more confident myself.... like of course I can do this! It’s what naturally happens!!  


It has been about a month now and breastfeeding is going great. I feel more calm, that it’s going to be OK! Much less stressed out and exhausted.
Everything improved!" - Giulia Godi
The session takes about 1 hour online or up to 2,5 hours when at your place. No rush.
You get 14 days access to me via e-mail to follow up, ask questions and ensure it is going the rigth way.

Because you might have more quesstions and I want to make sure that you made the progress we planned for.

What can you expect? I never touch your or your baby and please don´t think about cleaning the apartment!

online - 770 kr. inkl. moms (VAT)
in home - 1640 kr. inkl. moms (VAT)

Contact me if you are in doubt wheather I can help you with your problem or if you need evening or weekend session.