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Learn Danish with Series Rita

During 2 weeks we will watch together the 1 episode of the Danish series RITA. You will get a worksheet with questions and exercises that will help you prepare for our live sessions. 


We will meet once twice on Google Meet to talk about the series. (max 5 people in the group, I will make several if there are many people joining)

5.9.-18.9. online, 450 dkk

Live sessions - Fridays, 10-11 am

Your language level?

Everybody can join. If your Danish is not so good you might need to work more. You will get a vocab list and we will talk about the whole series, but also zoom in on a certain scere. So you can pick how much you will do.


Does it have to be next week?

No, if you are not able to attend the next 2 weeks, you will still get all the material and be able to go through it in your own time.


Where can I see RITA, is it free?

You need to have a Netflix or TV2 account. It looks like you can get TV2 free for 2 weeks. So do not activate it before Sunday.


The whole thing is going live a bit earlier than I planned. It is BETA. But Ukraine cannot wait. I will do everything to give you a chance to improve your Danish.


50 33 53 88


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