Daniela Hummelgren

I am a Czech woman married to a Dane.

In 2010 we moved from Copenhagen to Prague because I couldn´t imagine giving birth abroad although I spoke Danish fluently (and have a Master's Degree in Danish and Dutch Language and Litterature). I felt like a need to be back home. I need my mom.

Second time I was giving birth in Copenhagen and I was so thankful for that. Although birth is birth no matter where you are, the system and birthing culture are not. And those have a huge influence.

First weeks after birth (postpartum) are also understood differently. In Denmark it is not really understood that it is a very special time. In Czechia the understanding is that the mother will be extremely exhausted in this time, she will look terrible when you visit and you shouln´t expect to get served coffee and cake.

But it can be done differently! I wish to spread my vision for new moms (rooted in research, traditional cultures and experience) that they can have the best time of their life. If they are prepared and supported.

I wish to make it work for you. I wish you could feel as safe and supported as if you were at home. Abroad doesn´t have to mean alone! Maybe the fact that you are giving birth abroad is your advantage. Because you know you need to be prepared.


Postpartum Professional

Newborn Mothers, Julia Jones

Holistisk Fødselshjælper / Doula

Midwife Sophia Puck

Natural Breastfeeding Professional

Dr. T. Nesbit, IBCLC N. Mohrbacher

Breastfeeding Councelor Course

IBCLC Elisa Luna, Astrid Givard

Physiologic Baby Care

Rachelle Garcia Seliga

Babywearing Councelor Course

Anna Pohoralkova

Breastfeeding Course

Michaela Topinkova

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